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Lead Paint Information

RACB has contracted with the Upper New York State Environmental, (UNYSE), a division of Environmental Education Associates, to conduct the lead hazard evaluation for all units requiring this procedure.

UNYSE has done extensive training and consulting on federal lead hazard control requirements. The staff is the most experienced professional group conducting such services in Western New York. They have conducted hundreds of risk assessments and clearance services. Senior staff of UNYSE provides services to all levels of government across the country.

RACB will assume the cost of the evaluation and forward a copy of the results to you. We will no longer assume the cost of the second test (if necessary), so please be thorough in your clean-up! We also expect that you will appreciate the fact UNYSE expects to be able to conduct the clearance test at the agreed upon time. They will charge you a fee if you are not present to allow the test to be conducted.

RACB will conduct the first inspection as usual. If the inspection finds defective paint surfaces that are considered "OVER HUD Regulations" and the unit has or will have a child under six living there and the unit was built prior to 1978, we will require stabilization of the painted surfaces, followed by a clearance test. A person who has successfully completed the approved EPA training course must perform the lead paint stabilization. A copy of the training certificate (of the person who does the lead paint stabilization) must be submitted to RACB along with a letter from this person stating that they supervised the work.

RACB will conduct a second inspection, when you notify us that the work is complete. RACB's inspection will include all non-paint related HQS items to verify completion. The inspection will also visually assess the cited painted, varnished, or stained areas. If it appears that the work has been completed, RACB will notify UNYSE. UNYSE will contact you to set up a time for the clearance test. Final HQS approval of the unit will follow when the laboratory test results indicate lead dust levels are below HUD requirements.

RACB welcomes UNYSE's involvement with the Housing Voucher Program and we are sure that you, as an owner/landlord/manager will benefit from their expertise.

Lead Paint Owner Certification Form

Certification Form